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Shining Consulting

Businesses: whether large or small, Having a partner or consultant will not need to waste time, so we have to try to be a team of consultants, both practical and theoretical experience we have gained the trust and is registered as an adviser with the Center for Information Consultants Thailand. Ministry of Finance A consultant level

Strat up

We help Strat up person to create a business to continue to be sustainable.

Business Owners

We help Business Owners to explore opportunities for rapid exploitation

Project development

We help the key person or team person that can success of the project. Main reason pointed out the importance of the planned projects

  • To eliminate any uncertainty.
  • To improve operational efficiency.
  • To understand more about the purpose of the project.
  • To prepare for the monitoring and control tasks in the project.

Turn around business

We help Turn around business Owners to seeking problem and create sustainable businesses