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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching services, we bring professionals to help or to create our customer be awareness and make the right way. We can pull of potential which them can be lead the way in to the desired goal.

Mentor service, we bringing the person who expertise with experience to give advice on a variety of work by focusing on workers or leader. It is a good example In order to make customers understand how and approach to work.

Differences between Coaching and Mentoring

Coach Mentor
Duration Short period of time Requires time to share
Focus Performance driven Development driven
Role Task oriented Relationship oriented
Subjective Matter No require design Requires a design phase
Return Performance / Teamwork Developing / Experience

When to consider coaching:

  1. Executives need help in acquiring new skills is more responsibility.
  2. To give executives or employees with the ability to use management tools properly.
  3. The ability of executives or employees do not go as expected.
  4. Coach Services can be both personal and small groups (5-8 people).

When to consider mentoring:

  1. Full fill the ability of management and staff. To truly build expertise.
  2. Our expansion or a change, and require specific skills or abilities.
  3. The management or employees lack essential skills that must be done.
  4. To eliminate existing barriers. The company’s success
  5. To maintain the expertise that the organization has, and relay that knowledge to a new generation.
  6. To establish professional and executive employees.