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Shining Consult Co., Ltd. operates a consulting business. Licensed registered as Grade A advisory Thailand Information Center Consultant. Ministry of Finance is consulting firm that specializes in helping people, teams, and organizations to achieve in business objective. Our service is consulting, coaching, training, study tour and business matching. Firms to deliver customized solutions that resolve their most significant issues and create a lasting competitive advantage. we provide services to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to international business. Our team consists of top talent trainers, facilitators and consultants whose focus is to provide the best live training classes and workshops and transformational coaching and consulting in business.

Slogan : The navigator of business

Vision : Solution provider to finding all you need at the one-stop

Mission :

  • Professional
  • Creates Value
  • Innovation
  • Service Excellent

Description : We are a shining navigator will help you break out of your problem. Finding new logical idea, new tools, innovation and revolutionize your business. We can manage full of your demand as professional and serve about consultation before start your program.

Trusted by companies of all sizes