Training with Shining

In company training, leader or chief has suffered from the operating skills. Whether in terms of service. Practices between colleagues. Or even specialized skills as a professional. Some of skills that are experiencing similar problems is the thought processes that can be linked. The further develop their teams and organizations to be guided by experienced trainers with new innovative concepts and tools in service learning activities to meet the learning curve for the new generation of easy and quickly

  • Skill and Knowledge
  • Cost Effective
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Where. When and how that you want
  • Aligned with Organization’s Strategy
  • Aligned with Organization’s Culture
  • Aligned with work procedures
  • Ultimate Solution
  • Customization
  • Improving Organization’s Performance
  • Cutting training costs
  • Identify your objectives.
  • Select a topic from the Knowledge Resources’ current workshops or suggest your specific topic.
  • Identify your requirements.
  • We will plan and propose a customized solution to meet your training objectives as well as your requirements.

We provide knowledge on financial management system. Ability of check circulation out of all the money in the business as a system. Knowledge of planning, investment decisions. To analyze and monitor the liquidity in the organization. The analysis in the decision to invest properly. And effective And increased confidence in the use of accounting information. To consideration in the decision making system. And the number of data reliably accurate. Lead indicators for the advantage of the organization's business performance.


We provide knowledge services to businesses in the development. Policy, services, skills, capabilities, services, and customers service. To enhance performance. Raise service standards and brand image of great service to customers. Developing the capability to provide personnel services to the cause and the foundation to leverage the organization's ability to competity.


The organization to achieve its goals, objectives and indicators are defined. It is very important to have a deep understanding about strategic planning in various dimensions. Agency personnel must be understood that the strategic goals of the organization and how it is. To support the goal of duty in the same way. Strategic planning will make it a point to focus on a clear goal. How to choose the best. In the right circumstances


Marketing and sales are keys of successful to all business. When we do properly marketing, sales and knowing about customer’s behavior that will boost your sales volume, sales efforts, brand’s, moreover we can do strategy focus, improve skill person through interpersonal interactions.


We provide training that focuses on the application of science and technology strategy to align with corporate management. Business solution product line or service line. And to be a tool to generate productivity and maximum yield. Training courses for science and technology. Training will focus on the practice which allows the students to understand.


To educate regarding the management of people and organizations by promoting corporate personnel team to transform the concrete. By moving towards social and environmental sustainability concept results.


For managers or new leadership positions who needing to understand more about the impact of different leadership styles and understanding of the impact of different leadership styles in this practical leadership skills course. This leadership skills course will enable participants to review their own management leadership styles, identify what works well for them and the people they lead and what they want to continue, change and develop.


We offer training and counseling, legal regulations related to the core business, labor, business, financial, tax and other interested parties.

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